Thursday, December 06, 2012


iPhone/iPad Accessibility

Accessibility for persons with handicapping conditions is limited and expensive. Most accessible tools do just one or several things. This requires buying expensive devices or software to achieve accessibility. Often accessible devices are not easily portable. So when away from the accessible device accessibility is no longer available. I am legally blind and have dyslexia. The iPhone and iPad is very portable and offers 50 accessibility features to me at little or low cost beyond the iPhone or iPad.

Pinch and Zoom -- easily accessible screen
Magnifier app -- potable hand held magnifier
VoiceOver -- easily accessible screen reader
Siri -- speech recognition assistant and dictation
iBook Store-- easily browse and buy books
iBooks -- every book a large print book
iBooks and VoiceOver -- every book accessible
Bookshare -- accessible library
VoiceOver reads news -- accessible newspaper
Wikipedia app -- accessible encyclopedia
Safari -- easy Internet surfing with VoiceOver support
email -- easily used email
Audible & Audiobook apps -- audiobook collections
Prizmo -- portable scanner/reader
Pages app -- write papers
Keynote app -- make presentations with presenter notes
iTunes Music Store -- easily browse and buy music
Music app -- find and listen to my music
Music streaming app -- large music library
App Store -- easily browse and buy apps
Talking clock -- talking clock radio
Calendar -- day planner
Count down timer -- count down timer
Shared calendars -- shared calendars to know what others are doing
Radio apps -- easy to find and listen to radio
Dictate Texting -- texting friends and family free
Voice activated phone -- inexpensive or free no contract phone
Contacts -- easy to use address book
Camera -- portable camera
Video camera -- potable video camera
iPhoto -- photo library and photo display
Photo apps -- easy photo editing
Apple maps.-- mobile turn by turn guidance
Google search -- easily locate businesses
Locate near by restaurants/stores
While navigating announce streets by name
Identify buildings
Weather apps -- my weather and weather where my friends live and around the world.
Podcast apps -- technology presentations
Calculator -- portable talking calculator
To do list -- easy to do list
Amazon app -- easy shopping
Bus schedule -- local bus schedule
Games -- games to play with my grandson
YouTube app -- share YouTube with my grandson
TV Remote app -- access to TV remote and DVR
University app -- access to university games
AAC apps -- affordable AAC
Facebook app -- stay in touch with friends
Netflix -- watch movies up close

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