Saturday, September 15, 2012


The Power of Rereading

One of my first assistive devices was a real to reel tape recorder. With this tape recorder I recorded my readers as they read to me. So for every book that i had to read, I had a recording. The major advantage of recording my readers was the ability to reread my books and assignments. Rereading is my formula for success in learning. Many students in school often do not understand the value of rereading. Very good students often reread their assignments. My formula for success goes as follows:

Read and study the material one time and you will get a C.
Read and study the material two times and you will get a B.
Read and study the material three times and you will get an A.
This formula changed me from a D student to a straight A student.

Once I learned this approach of rereading, I would make no marks or notes on my first reading. In this way I could follow the authors train of thought with no interruption. On my second reading, I would highlight the major words to be memorized. Note I still highlighted just single words. Then on my third review, I would highlight important sentences to be learned. The advantage of this approach was to focus on the most important concepts to be learned. If you highlight on the first reading you often highlight to much material, since all the ideas are new. When you highlight to many things, it is difficult to focus on the main concepts.

Nowadays most students do not need to use people to read to them. They use a computer with text-to-speech to read their digitized books and articles to them.. My formula for success still holds true. One advantage of having people read to you is the camaraderie of learning. So I also highly recommend joining study groups to review your material. Study groups are very helpful and a great deal of fun.

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