Saturday, July 28, 2012


The Need for Readers

When I went away to the University, my father said that i would need readers to read my books to me. Blind students need readers, he explained since there is so much reading to be accomplished in college. I protested. I can see the print just fine. But quickly after my first semester started, I found that I could not do the reading by myself. So I quickly arrange to have other students read me the material.

However, I could see the printed my books. My problem with reading was it was just so arduous and so horrendously slow. I simply wanted to be just like the other students. I wanted to be able to read quickly and fluently and understand my assignments. So I arrange to go to the University of Chicago reading clinic for a diagnostic workup to see if I could improve my reading.

I have written a short article about this experience. It is called "The Bookstore Was A Closed Book To Me."


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