Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Presentation in Phoenix, AZ

This summer I was able to be a presenter at the Assistive Technology Summer Institute in Phoenix Arizona. The Institute was planned by Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP) of Northern Arizona University. I want to publicly thank AzTAP for their commitment to individuals who need assistance technology and the gift provided me for having me at the conference.

I was asked to talk about how I use assistive technology over the years in my life. My presentations were well received. One of the best comments I received was from an individual who said, "It was like sitting next to the grandfather I never had and having him tell me wonderful stories."

A large number of app developers for the iPad provided me with a number of their apps. This allowed to to make my presentation I'm using the iPad for beating, writing, and note taking. A participants said to me, "I just never knew my iPad could do those things."

Besides giving presentations, I was able to make new acquaintances and some good friendships with the people in Arizona. Everyone was so kind to me. The staff of AzTAP were outstanding and helpful. I met a number of participants from the QIAT listserv. So I wish to say just one more time, "Thanks so much to all the wonderful individuals in Arizona."

I'm sure your audience learned a lot from your presentations, Jim. To have someone who knows the assistive technology from the research as well as from personal experience must have been a treat for them. Congratulations.
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