Monday, July 30, 2012


Peer Buddies A Support To Learning

While in middle school and high school my class was frequently assigned literature to read. Things like Huckleberry Finn, Red of Badge of Courage, and Animal Farm. I had difficulty keeping up. So frequently I asked my fellow students what they had read and what they had learned. These updates would keep me going in class. This strategy for learning is now given the name "peer buddies".

Let me tell you a story about peer buddies. My step-daughter Stephanie was having difficulty with her homework. While she was in middle school we had some young ladies from Michigan State University stay with her during the afternoon until we got home from work. The college students would often sit and do their homework while Stephanie watch some television. After awhile Stephanie was sitting there doing homework with the college students.

Recently I read The Everything Parents Guide to Children with Dyslexia. In the book Abigail Marshall suggested the peer buddy process for struggling students. She even suggests that parents should pay a peer to be with their struggling student for sometime each day. I agree peer buddies is a great process that helps with knowledge, motivation and social interaction.

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